Want a few cute ideas to decorate for back to school?


Then head to the dollar store and the market!

Every year I love to decorate our kitchen for the first day of school.

A few cute ideas are to put a globe, ruler, pencil box, a box of crayons, abacus or blocks on the table.

Last night I took red and green pipe cleaners, and wrapped pencils around them and hung them on our chandler.

Then I took construction paper to use as place mats, bendable rulers, an apple and a book mark for table decorations decorations.

My final touch was a message with Crayola window markers on our mirror and kitchen windows which was a hit!

As I have said before, when you make school exciting, your kids will be excited too!

Take it from a former teacher and Mom who knows! Happy Back to School week!


Want to make the last day of school a memorable one?


Then head to your local dollar or party store!

The first and last day of school I love decorating the kitchen the night before for our children.

Using paper streamers and a table cloth in school colors is fun idea, as well as baloons, graduation paper goods, and window markers is a plus!

Crayola makes fabulous window markers that are great for mirrors and car windows too! They are easy to wipe clean and are fun to use!

Happy decorating, and making the last day of school just as memorable as the first!

Take it from a Mom Who loves celebrating moments like these, and you will too!

Want to get your children ready to get back to school?

Then follow my 5 simple steps that work!

1.) Make a countdown to school poster.

Using poster board, markers/crayons, write the number of days until school begins, & have your children decorate it.

Each day have them cross out the day, & if you have more that one child, give them one chance every other night.

2.) Start putting your children to bed earlier, & get a morning routine in place.

I would begin the week or a few nights before school begins. Start 15 minutes earlier each night, until you get to the desired bedtime.

In the morning I would have the children have their breakfast, get dressed & teeth brushed at the desired time that they need to get ready for a school day.

This also gets your children used to what their morning will be like too.

3.) Head to the library or local book store for, “Back to School” books!

By reading fun stories to your children before school begins, it can make light of feelings in which they might have regarding school.

Books are a fantastic way to make children excited about going to school, or to learn about what will happen in the school year.

My fave books are, “Mrs. Nelson Is Missing”, “Amelia Bedelia Goes To School”, “The Night Before First Grade”, “Listen Buddy” & “The Principals New Wardrobe”.

4.) Invest in a children’s calendar!

Melissa & Doug make a wonderful calendar that is fun to use, & a fantastic way for children to learn what to expect for the month.

5.) Purchase a responsibility chart from Melissa & Doug.

Having a chart like this is a great way to teach your children responsibility, & a learn about their daily schedule.

You can use wipe off markers to add personal tasks that are not part of the kit too.

Go to www.melissaanddoug.com or amazon.com to purchase the items above, or for more information & reviews.

As a former educator, I have seen many things, & children who have a routine, & whose parents are excited about school, their children are too!

My technique is a fab way to get your children ready for school in a non-stressful way.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about making going back to school fun!