Want to know my faves from the ENK Children’s Show for Fall 2014?


From metallics, to florals, antique & faux fur accents, solids, & camouflage designers for 2014 are taking fashion to a different level!

Blu Pony Vintage’s faux fur coats for girls are truly adorable, as are their dresses adorned with antique accents for girls & outfits for boys.

Fun & Fun from Italy, have a collection that is a must! From pom pom rhinestone hats, coats, electric blue jumpsuits for girls, and camouflage and rockstar looks for boys will flood the streets.

A Bird will fly your little girl into fab fashions with ruffle accents and fun looks for fall!

Andy & Evan will have your little boy well suited in fabulous ensembles, as Urban Sundays plaid & stripe pattern bow ties & ties put the c in cuteness.

Anais & I have some collection this season from head to toe! From dresses to fab coats and to die for metallic boots, girls & boys will be covered!

Appaman does it again! From casual clothing to their new tailored collection of faux fur coats & dresses for girls, and velvet suits for boys, Appaman does it again!

Looking for, “Wow factor dresses that are to die for this season? Then check out Val Max for your little fashionista’s Hunger Games inspired collection!

Want a tres’ chic look for your kiddies? Then Eliane et Lena from Paris has your covered! Their collection from infant to big brother or sister is one of the largest I have seen!

Oil & Water rain coats are the most amazing outwear for girls this season! The Audrey raincoat I predict will be the best seller this year! Sea foam green and a brushed gold colored zippered hood, with gold button accents make this coat a must have!

Little Name takes aprons for girls & suspenders for boys to a different an vintage level… Adorable!

What will be the trend for your little ones tootsies? Shoes & boots adorned with studs, paten leather, metallic and florals from Primigi, Doc Martin’s, & Naturino, are a must have! Suede bucks in electric blue & camouflage with a multitude of colored laces from Anasai The Little Goods Company for boys are fun, and Yosi Samra mommy and me ballet flats, Melissa’s rubber bow mary janes, & sequined slippers from Joy Follie for girls are just darling.

Shoes and boots for fall are all about easy access! From zippers, to velcro and slip ons, kids will love them all!

Take it from a Mom Who can’t wait for Fall, thanks to ENK Children’s Club!


Want a fun craft to do with your kids this summer?


Then make custom sneakers with your kids!

Yesterday we were at, “Studio Art” in Watermill, New York with my children, & their cousins, making fab crafts.

The girls decided to make custom sneakers, which were so easy, & fun to make!

Simply get solid white fabric sneakers, a variety of fabric dye in bottles, a water bottle, newspaper, smock, rubber gloves, razor blade, glitter glue, & duct tape.

1.) Place newspaper all over your work space.

2.) Next have your child put on a smock, & gloves to prevent staining.

3.) Place the pair of sneakers on top of the newspaper, & spray water all over them. (Remove the laces & put aside.)

4.) Have your child choose a few colors, then have them squeeze small dots all over. (The colors will bleed into one another, like tye dye.)

5.) Once they have covered the entire sneaker, let them dry completely for a few hours. Or an adult can dry them with a blow dryer, to speed up the process!

6.) Have your child wet the laces, & dye them the same way they did the sneakers, or choose one color.

7.) When the sneakers are completely dry, have your child paint the sneakers with fabric glitter, to give a different look.

8.) Next have an adult place the duct tape on the tip of the sneaker and shape with a razor blade.

9.) When the laces are completely dry, lace up the sneakers, put on & enjoy!

This craft is not only fun for girls, but boys too!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creative crafts in the Summer, & whose kids do too!

Want fun shoes for the entire family?


Then head to the nearest Crocs store, or shop online @ www.crocs.com!

Last year while walking in the city, my feet were killing me wearing new shoes!

Luckily I walked into the nearest shoe store which was, Crocs!

When you think of their line you think, clunky rubber shoes, right?

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a pair of Carly flats, which became my new BFF!

As soon as I slipped them on my feet I was in heaven!

Lightweight, fun colors, as well as a great price point of under $50!

Crocs really makes great shoes for the entire family too!

From sandals for girls, to slip on shoes for boys & men, you too will like some of the fun styles they carry!

I keep a pair in the car, for those just in case moments!

Take it from a Mom Who’s family loves funky styles for summer!

Want great shoes for Spring & Summer for your children?


Then head to Stride Rite, or shop online at www.striderite.com!

Wow! Stride Rite does not only carry great new styles, they are made very well too!

From cushioned padding, to styles made wide or for narrow feet, they have it all!

For the past nine years I have bought my children a variety of different brands of shoes, & Stride Rite is one I them.

Last year at the, “PetiteParade & Vogue Bambini” fashion show, Stride Rite featured all of their 2013 line, & I was loving them all!

From metallic sandals, to classic boat shoes, Stride Rite is keeping up with Fashionista kids, as well as Momanista mothers! LOVE this!

Check out their website, or take a ride to the nearest store, & you will be pleasantly surprised!

My absolute fave for toddlers & young girls is the rainbow metallic Tessa sandal! It goes with of the fabulous colors for Spring & Summer!

For boys I love the classic boat shoes in tan & navy! Easy to put on, & looks great with casual or dressy outfits too!

Happy shoe shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about being a Shoe-a-nista!