Want a fab tip for Daylight Savings Time?


Then get your children adjusted two days before!

From infants to young children, putting your kids to bed just 30 minutes earlier for nap & bedtime will make the transition easier.

Children adjust easily, but prepping them can make Daylight Savings Time a breeze!

This obviously works twice a year, in which Mother Nature likes to keep parents on their toes, lol!

Take it from a Mom Who is enjoying her extra hour today, & hope you are as well!

Want a fab product to help your child sleep more soundly?


Then head to Bed Bath & Beyond for, “Marpac The Original Sound Conditioner”!

Nine years ago a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing product which helped my son & daughter sleep more soundly.

We fail to realize as new parents that the womb is a noisy place, yet we have a newborns room so silent!

Think about when you are on a plane, the white noise is relaxing, as well as muffles the background noise.

By incorporating a sound machine into your home, it can soothe your child, & reduce the noise level in your home, especially when having friends over!

Whether in each child’s room, the hallway, or on vacation, the Marpac sound conditioner will be your new BFF!

It retails for $55, & Bed Bath & Beyond has a printable 20% coupon online to use for your purchase.

Enjoy a peaceful nights sleep!

Take it from a Mom Who has one for home, & one for the Beach House!

Want a great solution to nightmares or fear of monsters?


Then get a water bottle, lavender oil, & H2O!

Occasionally my children have either woken up from a nightmare, or have been afraid to fall asleep, which can be stressful.

I came up with “Monster Dream Spray” that gets rid of bad dreams, as well as keeps monsters away too!

Just fill a spray bottle with water & 10 drops of lavender oil, then label the bottle with each child’s name on it.

Place the spray on a night table, or keep it in the hallway closet, for easy access.

If your child is afraid to go to bed, just have them spray their room to prevent monsters from coming.

Let them know just as bug spray keeps bugs away from us, this spray keeps monsters far away too!

If your child wakes up upset from a bad dream, just spray their pillow and sheets to promote good dreams.

Lavender oil has therapeutic properties for relaxation, so what better way to calm a child down naturally!

Take it from a Mom Who has good dreams, & no monsters in her house!

Want to know how to deal with Daylight Savings Time when it comes to your children?


Then follow my simple steps!

For the past nine years, my method has worked on two children, as well as for many others!

Simply two days before put your child down for his/her nap a half and hour later in the Spring, & push it back a half hour before in the Fall. (Do the same for bedtime.)

For example: Thursday normal bedtime for my daughter is 7:00pm, so she will go to bed at 7:30pm.

On the second day wake up your child a half an hour before, then push the nap/bedtime another half hour, totaling one hour.

For example: Friday am my daughter gets up at 7, so I wake her up by 6:30am, then at night, my daughters bedtime will be pushed to 8:00pm.

The third day keep the one hour time, so your child gets used to the time change.

For example: Saturday morning again I will wake up my daughter up at 6:30am, & she will be in bed by 8:00 again.

So when the clock gets pushed, she will wake up at her usual 7:00am, & go to bed her usual 7:00pm time on Sunday. 🙂

By easing your child into Daylight Savings Time a few days before, it makes it much easier to be accustomed to the hour difference.

Your child may be cranky for two days, but it will be easier to start your week ready!

We as parents can freak out in this situation twice a year, because of sleep schedules, but children DO adapt!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows about sleep schedules!

Want great pull ups for bedtime?

Then either use Pampers Under Jams, or the new, GoodNites character pull ups!

My routine with getting ready for bed, is for my children to try not to drink anything an hour before bedtime.

Before they brush their teeth, I have them use the bathroom, to prevent accidents.

There are many opinions regarding pull ups, & each child’s bladder matures differently.

My feeling is that if your child has more than three bedtime accidents a week, then use a pull up.

There is no rule set in stone about when to get rid of them, or that they are too old.

Usually by age five, the bladder had matured, but sometimes it can take longer.

Either brand does the job, & they can be bought in bulk at Costco or BJ’s.

Enjoy a dry bed, & a good night sleep!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Please continue to help those in need from Hurricane Sandy!


How do you get your child to sleep earlier, easy…

Now that summer is almost over, and school is around the corner, betimes will change. I found that starting two weeks before school is the trick. Start in 15 minute increments, and increase each day until the desired time you want your children to go to bed.

Also I found this adorable sleep clock called, “My Tot Clock” It is a nightlight, plays bedtime stories & lullabies, is alarm clock, and is an activity & timeout timer too!

Go to www.mytotclock.com to view details.

Also another clock I found is called, “Ok to Wake!” (comes in green & pink) found at www.amazon.com.

I find that including your children in the process promotes a positive outcome. You could take them to Target, or order it with them online, which they get excited that they are getting to be a, “Big Girl/Boy”.