Want a hassle free kite for your children minus a tangled reel?


Then check out Castakite!

In one word wow! This kite is nothing like I have ever seen!

Easy to use for ages 6 & up, with a reel versus spindle, making tangled lines a thing of the past!

Just open the package and fly! It comes already assembled with a 24″ diamond kite, as well as high quality string. ~LOVE this!

As you all know I adore finding fun items, and this is a MUST for summer!

Just go to www.castakite.com or call 800-297-KITE!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping our Castakite in our car! Happy flying!

Looking for fun clothing for girls & boys this spring & summer?


Then either head to J.Crew or shop online at www.jcrew.com!

From baby to teen, J.Crew has it all…
Casual to dressy & swimwear there is so much to choose from in one place!

Accessories, shoes and a variety of fab collections, this store is one of my go to places for fun seasonal clothing.

Some of my faves are their graphic tees, classic solids & trendy pattern clothing. I also adore their influences of travel this season making fashion fun for kids!

Take it from a Mom Who adores mix and matching clothing, & pairing fun looks! Enjoy!

Want to do something amazing with the kids this Easter & Spring?


Then head to Rockefeller Center in New York City to see the Faberge’ outdoor exhibit finale!

More than 260 eggs were hidden in the five boroughs which were decorated by various artists and fashion designers.

Sponsored by world renowned Faberge’, this large egg hunt was open to the public, & the eggs will be auctioned off for various charities.

What better way to see art outdoors, and one exhibit in which your children will adore! Perfect for any age, there are so many eye catching & unique designs.

If you are not able to go, then head to www.store.metmuseum.org for a guide, “Faberge’ presents The Big Egg Hunt New York” (6.00) to share with your children!

For more information on Instagram & Twitter @TheBigEggHuntNY and on facebook.com/thebigegghunt.com, and #TheBigEggHuntNY.

Next year I bet that our decorated Easter eggs will be more detailed after this fab exhibit!

Take it from a Mom Who loves sharing fun cultural things to do with kids during Spring break!

Want to have a fab Egg Hunt for the kiddies?


Then head to Party City, Dollar Tree, & Target!

Every year in our community I help head our annual Egg Hunt at a local park.

Parents volunteer to help decorate, set up and even take turns dressing up as the Easter Bunny!

What you will need:
Dollar Tree
*Paper streamers in a variety of colors (Pink, Purple, Light Green & Blue)
*Bunny paper footprints
*Plastic bowls
*Plastic spoons
*Inflatable bunnies
*Table cloths
*Paper goods
*Butterfly wings
*Prizes (coloring books, bubble wands, jump ropes, bug nets, yoyo’s, etc.)
*Plastic eggs
*Hand sanitizer/wipes

Party City
Bunny Costume
Sacks for relay race

*Pre filled eggs
*Cream cheese
*Prizes in dollar section
*Donut holes

Mini bagels and coffee boxes from bagel shop.

1.) Prior to the event have families fill a dozen or more eggs with wrapped candy or trinkets, or purchase pre filled eggs.

2.) Set up a folding table with a table cloth, bagels, donut holes, paper goods, condiments & beverages. This is perfect for people to self serve while waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

3.) Decorate trees in the park with butterflies and paper streamers, and drop eggs. Tape bunny feet cut outs as a foot path to Egg Hunt, & write messages in chalk.

4.) When all of the kids are there having a few nibbles, have the bunny get dressed. Next have the countdown then let the kids run through the tape!

5.) After 20 minutes start the games, and have a table of prizes set up.

*Sack race (You could use king pillow cases if you can’t get sacks).
*Three legged race
*Relay race using a carrot
*Egg on a spoon race (Use a pre filled egg)
*Feed the bunny a carrot race (Have the kids hold an inflatable bunny and run to the other side and they have to pick up a carrot

Making Spring fun for the community or for friends is priceless, & a tradition that your kids will adore!

Take it from a Mom Who has been hosting this event for nine years and counting!

Want to teach your children about planting?

Then head out to purchase seeds at your local nursery!

There is nothing more amazing to see then your child’s expression when something they planted sprouts!

Whether it be fruits, vegetables, or flowers, have your child choose a package to plant, then pick an area to plant.

Whether it be a window box, small pots, or outside, your children will truly enjoy planting with you.

Some options are kits for children that most nurseries carry, as well as Target, Lowes, HomeDepot, & Walmart.

You will also need planting gloves, (I use disposable ones in a small size, so there is never an issue loosing them.), a trowel, a watering can, & tags to mark what you planted. (I use Popsicle sticks as markers.)

Melissa & Doug have two adorable planting kits called the, “Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set”, for girls & the “Toddle Turtle Tote Set for boys. It comes with a bag, spray bottle, trowel, & small hand rake.

From toddlers to teens, include your children this Spring to enjoy watching something grow! ~Priceless family moments!

Take it from a Mom Who planted strawberries, tomatoes & tulips this week!

Want a new hairstyle for Spring?


Then pick up this month’s InStyle Hair addition!

There is nothing better than great color & hairstyles for Spring & Summer, aside from fab fashion.

InStyle, Vogue, W, & Glamour magazine’s ALWAYS feature the hottest trends, & looks seasonally I think.

From color, cuts & products, InStyle Hair has it all this month, so check it out!


Take it from a Mom Who likes to stay on top of the latest trends!

Want to know the 10 HOT colors for Spring?


Then head out for the following fabulous colors…

Poppy Red, Tangerine, Lemon Zest, Grayed Jade, Emerald, Tender Shoot, Dusk & Monaco Blue, African Violet, & Linen

Every season the Pantone Color Report comes out, & then the games begin!

Fun fashion, shoes, handbags, & accessories grace the runways, starlets, magazines & store windows, where it sets the tone for the season.

This Spring have fun with color, for I sure am!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves them all!

Want more of my fave’s for outdoor play?


Then head to Toy’s R’Us, Target, or Amazon.com for outdoor fun!

Over the past nine years I have bought many items for my children.

I MUST is a, “Children at Play” sign, or you could also use soccer cones too.

Who doesn’t like a tee for baseball? Whether you have one child or many, a tee stand is great for eye hand coordination, practice, or to just have fun!

Soccer nets are a great way for children to learn how to kick a ball at a target, as well as basketball hoops. They come in may different sizes, & are fun for all!

My faves are the grow with me basketball nets, because they can be used for toddlers & older siblings… all in one! Love this!

Ring toss games are fun for all ages, as well as kickballs, soccer balls & anything that bounces.

Who doesn’t like bubbles? My faves are buckets that don’t tip for toddlers, & bubble wands for older children.

Golf sets are great fun too! At the park, or in the backyard, children love to hit balls.

For older children, I love tether sets, which can be great for one or two children to play. They are fantastic to practice tennis skills, take to the beach or to the park.

Step on rockets are exciting for all! Boys especially, love anything that flies, so these are a must!

Speaking about flying… kites are a must for older children, because the little ones tend to get frustrated with them.

For younger siblings, I love foam play mats for those who are crawling. They are a must under outdoor play tables, on the sidewalk, or in the backyard.

This prevents injury I feel, but make sure they have traction, so your child doesn’t slip with wet feet. 😉

Happy scouting for outdoor fun!

Take it from a Mom Who loves the outdoors! Happy Spring!

Want to keep your kids outside this Spring & Summer?


Then head to Toys R’Us, or shop online for FUN outdoor toys!

I am a big believer of having children play outside, which is so important for their health.

Between exploring, getting physical activity, playing outdoors is crucial for your child’s development.

Whether you live in the city, or the suburbs, children love being outside!

Playing with water & sand is great for sensory development, as well as for imaginative play.

Having a law mower, rakes & other tools like Mom or Dad, can be fun in the garden, or at a local park.

Playhouses are amazing for children, for imaginative play, role playing, as well as can be a clubhouse too!

Using toys, play tables, or other items can make playing extra fun independently, or with friends.

Little Tikes, Fisher Price, & Step 2, have endless possibilities for your children, so either take a trip to ToysR’Us, or shop online!

What I have found is that NOW is the time to purchase outdoor items, because in a month, there will be slim pickings.

Some companies directly offer free shipping, or store pick up, so check online for that information.


Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about getting ready for the warm weather!