Looking for a stroller that will be an heirloom in the family?


Then you must check out the 2014 Inglesina Classica Pram!

With a preview from the opening show at the Sochi Olympics, I was truly impressed. From the classic handcrafted design of chrome
parts, to the bassinet, this Pram took my breath away!

The body is slender versus the original width, as well as the easy to fold & store system is perfect for storage. It comes in Marina (blue), Betulla (light grey & white), Pesca (pink & white), and Nappa (navy blue & white) colors, along with sturdy fabric.

The Inglesina Pram can be used from birth up to 36 months, and it is like a portable crib on the go! ~ LOVE this!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the importance of having your child nap in different places makes them more adaptable!

My favorite features are the 2 position backrest, perfect for nap time or for babies to enjoy their surroundings while sitting up. The signature Pram bouncing motion would put any baby to sleep, as well as calm them down, due to the natural motion as in utero.

The interior of the bassinet has a removable lining to block the sun, & is removable to detach for cleaning.

Also included is a detachable insulted diaper bag & changing pad, which is fab for city or suburban moms on the go!

The two must have accessories that are sold separately are the matching parasol umbrella, & plastic rain cover, perfect for storing underneath!

Having a Pram is not for all lifestyles, but those who have them, have them for future generations!

Take it from a Mom & younger brother were, “Pram worthy” in the 70’s, lol!