Want a hassle free kite for your children minus a tangled reel?


Then check out Castakite!

In one word wow! This kite is nothing like I have ever seen!

Easy to use for ages 6 & up, with a reel versus spindle, making tangled lines a thing of the past!

Just open the package and fly! It comes already assembled with a 24″ diamond kite, as well as high quality string. ~LOVE this!

As you all know I adore finding fun items, and this is a MUST for summer!

Just go to www.castakite.com or call 800-297-KITE!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping our Castakite in our car! Happy flying!

Looking for fun clothing for girls & boys this spring & summer?


Then either head to J.Crew or shop online at www.jcrew.com!

From baby to teen, J.Crew has it all…
Casual to dressy & swimwear there is so much to choose from in one place!

Accessories, shoes and a variety of fab collections, this store is one of my go to places for fun seasonal clothing.

Some of my faves are their graphic tees, classic solids & trendy pattern clothing. I also adore their influences of travel this season making fashion fun for kids!

Take it from a Mom Who adores mix and matching clothing, & pairing fun looks! Enjoy!

Want a fab beach or pond aquarium for your children?


Then pick up, “Beach Aquarium Catch & Release” fishbowl!

A month ago I was at the 5c & 10c store in Sag Harbour, New York & found this amazing find!

A plastic aerated fish bowl, with a floating handle, lightweight, that could be taken to the beach or pond!

Our children love our summers at the beach, as well as finding hermit crabs, fish, frogs & fireflies.

So what better & humane way to capture these creatures right? ~LOVE this!

Teaching your children about nature is so important for their development, & releasing them is just as important too!

This product is perfect for children ages 2+, and will be a sure hit this Summer!

Matermindtoys.com sells this item too, @ $10, which makes a fab gift for children, or as a party favor!

Happy exploring with your children!

Take it from a Mom Whose children captured frogs & fish this weekend!

Want a healthier snow cone for your children minus artificial colors?


Then head to Amazon.com for the Nostalgia Retro Snow Cone machine & Honest Kids juice pouches!

Our children love ices, as well as the ice cream man in the Summertime, who doesn’t?

What I don’t like are the neon colors that stain their mouth for a day, as well as ingredients that I can’t pronounce!

We invested in a snow cone machine which is not only fun, but can be used to make healthier versions of a summer treat.

Instead of purchasing syrups made with corn syrup & other additives, I decided to use Honest Kids fruit pouches, or fruit juice as the flavoring!

They have many flavors like apple, berry lemonade, fruit punch, grape, or tango punch.

Fresh pressed juice like watermelon or pineapple are delish as well!

At first our children asked why it wasn’t brightly colored, then after the first taste it didn’t matter!

Why not make a healthier alternative right?

Enjoy a nostalgic & delicious treat! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who Loves grape snow cones!

Want a fun way to paint with your children ages 2+ this summer?


Then paint with flowers!

Every season I LOVE painting with our children, & doing unique things with them.

Today I cut hydrangea, & lavender to let the kids use them as paint brushes.

This activity is fun, unique, & one in which your children will love!

You will need:
*Washable tempera paint (Crayola’s my fave)
*White construction paper
*1 Paper plate per child
*Glue Stick
*Melissa & Doug’s Picture Frame Pad
*1 Marker
*Newspaper or cookie sheet
*Cut flowers

1.) Either lay newspaper on a table, use a cookie sheet, or paint outdoors.

2.) Next pour a quarter size dollop of paint of every color onto a paper plate.

3.) Instruct your child to lightly dab the flower into the paint, then onto the white paper.

4.) After their painting is complete, write their name, or have them write their name on the bottom right side of their paper.

5.) When the paint has completely dried, trim the paper to fit inside the frame, then glue.

Happy painting in a new, & fun way!

Take it from a Mom Who hung up a few masterpieces in her home today!

Want a fun craft to do with your kids this summer?


Then make custom sneakers with your kids!

Yesterday we were at, “Studio Art” in Watermill, New York with my children, & their cousins, making fab crafts.

The girls decided to make custom sneakers, which were so easy, & fun to make!

Simply get solid white fabric sneakers, a variety of fabric dye in bottles, a water bottle, newspaper, smock, rubber gloves, razor blade, glitter glue, & duct tape.

1.) Place newspaper all over your work space.

2.) Next have your child put on a smock, & gloves to prevent staining.

3.) Place the pair of sneakers on top of the newspaper, & spray water all over them. (Remove the laces & put aside.)

4.) Have your child choose a few colors, then have them squeeze small dots all over. (The colors will bleed into one another, like tye dye.)

5.) Once they have covered the entire sneaker, let them dry completely for a few hours. Or an adult can dry them with a blow dryer, to speed up the process!

6.) Have your child wet the laces, & dye them the same way they did the sneakers, or choose one color.

7.) When the sneakers are completely dry, have your child paint the sneakers with fabric glitter, to give a different look.

8.) Next have an adult place the duct tape on the tip of the sneaker and shape with a razor blade.

9.) When the laces are completely dry, lace up the sneakers, put on & enjoy!

This craft is not only fun for girls, but boys too!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES creative crafts in the Summer, & whose kids do too!

Want a fun paddle game for indoor & outdoor use?


Then check out the, “Hit Mit”!

It’s paddle ball to the next level, lightweight, waterproof, for all ages, & can be used anywhere!

The Hit Mit comes in six colors, has a travel pouch with three balls, & has openings on either mit, for both hands.

What I love, is that it is made out of EVA foam, which is soft, & floats in the water!

For retailers, go to www.thehitmit.com.

Enjoy another fab indoor/outdoor toy for all!

Take it from a Mom Who had a ball @ the beach today, & so will you!

Want to put a smile on your child’s face this Summer?


Then head to your local carnival, boardwalk or an amusement park!

From toddlers to teens, heading out for a night of fun with your family is priceless!

Every Summer we try to go to a local carnival, & meet friends every year at an amusement park by the beach.

The smiles, laughter & photos that are captured are priceless!

From rides to games, to fun treats, your children will have a blast!

Some parks give discounted rates for large groups, so get your friends together for a night of fun!

Take it from a Mom Who overcame her fear of roller coasters this weekend!