Looking for a few fab travel games this summer?


Then head to www.blueorangegames.com!

I adore finding great games for travel, restaurants, car rides, etc for our children, ages 6 and 10!

Games that I can keep in my bag or car that are compact and lightweight are my faves!

The Blue Orange company have truly mastered games such as this!

My top picks are NADA, Spot It, Spot It Water Proof (perfect for a rainy day at the beach or poolside), Pixie Cubes, Tell Tale, Speedee Bee, and Flapz.

Games that promote thinking, fun and let our children interact together or with friends, I am a big promoter of in today’s world.

Take it from a Mom Who loves Blue Orange travel games, & you will too!

Looking for fun ride on toys for ages 1 & up?


Then check out the Plasma Bike for ages 1+, and the Plasma Car for ages 3+!

I love toys that promote learning or exercise skills, and these two certainly do just that!

What I love about the Plasma Bike is that it teaches toddlers balancing, which is a great skill. This will prepare them for bike riding, and some children who use balance bikes have an easier time learning to ride a bike!

PlaSmart Inc is well known for the Plasma Car which is a fab gift for ages 3+ and up to 225lbs, which even adults can use! Also it is great exercise for upper body muscles, for the car moves by turning the handles in a twisting motion.

Both the Plasma Bike & Plasma Car can be used indoors too, just not on rugs. It is lightweight, and is small enough to fit in the car.

Take it from a Mom Who loves watching her kids race down the street on their Plasma Cars and you will too!

Want to keep the kids busy while you get ready for the holidays?


Then set up your kitchen table with crafts, & set up a movie with popcorn!

There is nothing more I love then the craziness of the holidays, & created a method that helps!

During the year I purchase items on sale or save birthday gifts for the kids to have a craft & movie day while I play Iron Chef! Lol!

My faves are Playdoh sets, Legos, DYO Christmas or New Year’s props (Purchase a variety of cardboard colors & skewer sticks, with the sharp parts cut off, shipping tape, scissors, & markers.), paint by number sets, bracelets or DYO kits by Melissa & Doug, Alex puppet kits, & the crafts are endless!

In the living room set up sleeping bags and pillows on the floor or beach blankets, for an indoor picnic & movie!

Children like to keep busy, & this method works, & can give you more time to get ready for the festivities!

Take it from a Mom Who has today under controll!

Want a fun paddle game for indoor & outdoor use?


Then check out the, “Hit Mit”!

It’s paddle ball to the next level, lightweight, waterproof, for all ages, & can be used anywhere!

The Hit Mit comes in six colors, has a travel pouch with three balls, & has openings on either mit, for both hands.

What I love, is that it is made out of EVA foam, which is soft, & floats in the water!

For retailers, go to www.thehitmit.com.

Enjoy another fab indoor/outdoor toy for all!

Take it from a Mom Who had a ball @ the beach today, & so will you!

Want a box of fun for kids ages 3+?


Then check out the puzzle box, “About Face”, by eeboo!

On my Summer quest for fun things for our children, I stumbled upon this, & many other items at Stevenson’s Toyshop in Southampton, New York.

“About Face” is filled with 160 images of fun photographs of objects that are found in the streets of NYC, & at the beach.

The object is to create countless funny faces, that your kids will love!

Today my five & nine year old had so many laughs seeing who had the funniest creation!

This box is great for restaurants, play dates, or a fab way to put a smile on your child’s face.

There is nothing better than seeing children being creative, & enjoying Summer! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who loves having fun with her kids!

Want a great outdoor ball for the beach or outdoors?


Then head to www.HearthSong.com!

I love finding fun & unique things for our children, & these outdoor giant balls, are a sure hit for all ages!

Check out the Incred-a-Ball, The Playball, Y’all Balls & lastly the GBOP Jr., for your children.

These fun inflatable balls range in size from 32″- 63″, & come in fun colors too.

Hearth Song sells an electronic pump which is a must, for you can inflate & deflate these in a snap! ~LOVE this!

Whether playing solo, or with friends, children will flock to these balls!

What better way for your children to run in the great outdoors all year long!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows all about fun!

Want some fun small take along toys for your kids?


Then head to the Disney Store, or shop online @ www.disneystore.com!

I am always looking for small toys that I can keep in my pocketbook to keep my children busy when needed.

Whether it be in a resturant, in the car, on the plane, at the doctors office, or in store, I ALWAYS have something in my bag of tricks, lol.

Disney has been making figurine sets for boys & girls for years, which are amazing! Love these!

From princesses to Toy Story, they have it all, & for under $12!

From an educational standpoint, these figures promote creative thinking, & creativity, which is so important in this day & age.

Take it from a Mom Who Knows what keeps children busy!

Want a great way to keep track of your child’s toys with small parts?


Then invest in a hot glue gun!

From my sons Legos, to my daughters Barbie dolls accessories, small toy parts drive me crazy!

I devised a great way to keep track of them all by hot gluing the parts together!

(This is NOT permanent, but an easy way to keep shoes, accessories or small parts in place.)

Give it a try, & you will thank me later! 😉

Take it from a Mom Who Knows where things are!

Want some fun imaginative toys for this Winter?


Then check out Kaskey Kids sports boxes!

I just LOVE these boxes of imaginative fun for ages 3+!

Kaskey sport boxes are perfect to take to a friends house , come in a plastic box, (where all of the pieces have a home), & are great for travel too!

FYI, they have won the, “Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Gold Seal” for a few years. 🙂

Kaskey has a variety of boxes like hockey, baseball, soccer for girls or boys, specific sports teams, football, & college football too!

Check out their website, www.kaseykids.com, & I ordered them on Amazon.

They make great gifts, & who says you can’t play ball in the house? Lol!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES imaginative toys!