Momwhoknows Meatless Avocado Pesto White Bean Portobella Mushrooms


I am always looking to be innovative & creative with meatless meals.

Last night I created a, “Wow factor” recipie which I just had to share!

Momwhoknows Meatless Avocado Pesto White Bean Portobello Mushrooms


*4 large organic portobello mushrooms

*1 ripe organic avocado

*1 clove of garlic

*1 cup of organic basil

*1 cup of organic raw spinach

*1 can/box of organic white beans rinsed and drained

*4 tbs. of grated Parmasean cheese

*Extra virgin olive oil

*Himalayan salt & pepper

*1/3 cup of water


*Preheat the broiler on low in the oven, & heat the BBQ on a medium flame.

1.) Scoop out all the insides & stems of each portobello mushroom and discard.

2.) Brush each mushroom on both sides with olive oil.

3.) Next in a food processor add the garlic & pulse.  Afterwards add the avocado, basil & spinach and make into a paste consistency.  Scrape the sides of the processor, add the water to thin out, then salt & pepper to taste.

4.) Grill the mushrooms and spoon the avocado basil pesto mixture evently on all 4 mushrooms.

5.) Add 1/4 cup of white beans on top of each mushroom, & 1 tbs. of grated cheese & broil until melted.

Serve and enjoy!

*Note: The avacado pesto can be used on pasta, spiralized zucchini, or spaghetti squash too!

Take it from a Mom who loves creating delicious & healthy meals!






Looking to get the entire family moving?


Then head to!

This Spring our entire family invested in Fitbit’s to have a health challenge!

At the end of each day we tally who has the most steps, miles and what activities we did for the day.

I am amazed how everyone is inspiring one another to get moving, which is so worth the investment!

Speaking for myself on the road to a better me, having such support pushes me each day toward my 10,000 step goal!

With the rise of obesity and health issues in this world, Fitbit’s are a great start to promoting exercise and getting your family moving!

There are many different varieties and features of Fitbit’s to meet your personal needs, as well as cool colors too!

Tracking sleep patterns, heart rate, steps, miles, etc. are an asset to seeing progress, & you too will be hooked!

Take it from a Mom who is halfway at her goal for the day, taking it one step at a time!


What to get mom you ask?


*What mother wouln’t love a blue box/bag from Tiffany!

From jewlery, wallets, sunglasses & more, this store has classic gifts for mom!

*For the trendsetter mom Balenciaga Arena two row bracelet at Barney’s will adorn her wrist this Spring!

*Does Mommy like cupcakes?  Then Baked by Melissa  minis gift box will do the trick!

*For the mother who collects red soles, Christian Louboutin’s new spring line has it all!  From flats to stilettos, Mom will be head over heals with a pair!

*Summer is right around the corner, & Henri Bendel’s travel beach & tote scream, “Beach Glam!”

*Sunglasses are a bright gift for mom especially, So Real Mirrored sunglasses by Dior!

*What mother doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Sugarfina takes it to a different level!  From champagne flavored gummy bears, so lips, flowers & more, Mom will get her sugar fix for sure!

*Initial charms of children’s names are always adorable, especially designed by Helen Ficalora!

*For the health consious mother, Williams Sonoma carries the Paderno 4 blade spirilizer which is amazing!  Vegetables will never be the same!

*Alexandra Ferguson’s Best Mother Ever pillow is a sure bet for any family room!

*Fitbit make over by the one and only Tory Burch!  Her double wrap bracelet fits most Fitbit bars, & will secretly hide her steps each day!

*One of the greatest gifts are gift cards for take out in this adorable Take Out Menu binder from Amazon!

*Looking to charm Mom, then Alex & Ani’s Mother’s Day collections are perfect!

*Radiant skin in a jar is no other than La Mer!  With a variety of different formulas, it is one of the best for hydrating skin!

*Kendra Scott’s Danielle collection comes in a variety of different colors which are a fun gift for mom!

*When in doubt, spa gift card is a plus!  Bliss can take mom to a different relaxation zone!   Whether it be for a single or variety of services, a day for Mom to recharge is priceless!


*Nothing smells more fragrant non other than Diptique candles!

*Go to makeup products or a Gift card Benefit Cosmetics for sure!

*How about a fun head scarf for the beach by Henri Bendel?

*What mother wouldn’t love a blow out?  The Dry Bar has single or a package of blowouts which will please Mom for sure!

*Does mom have a beauty nighttime ritual?  Then Sara Happs lip scrubs will be a sure hit!

*For the hipster mom, Fenty by Rihanna for Puma slides will be her fave!

*Does Mommy have a mini who loves to wear what Mommy does?  Then Gorjana Mini & Me bracelets are the perfect gift!

Whether handmade or store bought,  Mom’s will adore the just right gift for her!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

Are you concerned if your child is approaching their milestone?


Then have your child evaluated!

We as human beings are given the gift of intuition.  If something doesn’t seem right with your child, then seek a few opinions.

Aside from my styling and journalism jobs, I am also a Parenting Expert/Mentor.  I see many parents who sometimes ask me, “Do you think our child has any issues, or are their any red flags that we should look out for?”

My advice varies, first and foremost speaking with your pediatrician is the first step.  Afterwards depending on the situation, I have referred parents to see ophthalmologists, ENT’s, Occupational/Physical therapists, as well as Behavioral therapists to obtain more information.

I can relate on a personal level, for our daughter was born what her pediatrian diagnosed her with was Torticollis (head tilt).

My husband and I didn’t agree with the diagnosis, for over time for she had other issues with mobility and feeding difficulties.

It wasn’t until we saw an Occupational and Physical therapist who diagnosed her with Strabismus (lazy eye syndrome).  That explained it all!

She underwent eye surgery and all of her issues resolved along with Physical and Occupational therapies.

The message and advise I have for parents is to be your own advocate!  If something does not seem right, then go for an evaluation.

Early intervention works wonders, and if you are not satisfied with the answers you get then seek another opinion or more!

Take it from a Mom who has been there, and continues to be an advocate!

Do you know what time it is?


It is time to make an appointment for your annual mamogram and blood work!

We all know someone battling with cancer, a friend, a family memeber, or a colleague.  However sometimes we think, “Not me!”

Yesterday I went for a mamogram to see if a small lump was cancerous.

Sitting there waiting, wondering, thinking, “We CAN and MUST be a voice for one another!”

Ask your friends & family members if they went for their yearly mamogram, screenings, blood work or other tests.  If they haven’t, push them to go, for early detection CAN save a life!

Take it from a Mom who is glad she went & will continue to be a beacon to help prevent cancer!

Looking for a quick soup the kiddies will devour?


Then my, “Mom Who Knows Pastina Soup” is a must!

Soup can be difficult for some children, textures, colors, flavors which is then refused.

This recipie is not only easy, it is great for Meatless Monday!


2 Organic carrots finely chopped

1 Organic shallot peeled & cut in half

1 spring of Organic basil kept on the stem

2 Organic stalks of celery finely chopped

1 cup of frozen Organic peas

1 tbs. Organic extra virgin olive oil

1 container of Organic free range chicken broth

1/2 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese

1 piece of a parmesan rind

1 cup water

1 cup of dry Pastina pasta


1.) Heat a medium sauce pan over medium heat, then add olive oil.

2.) Two minutes afterwards add the shallot, carrots & celery and cook for 5 minutes stirring often.

3.) Next add the water, chicken broth, basil spring, and parmesan rind then being to a boil, & simmer for 10 min.

4.) Add Pastina, stir and cook for 8 minutes.

5.) Remove the parmesan rind, basil & shallot and discard.

6.) Stir in the peas, parmesan cheese ladle the soup into bowls & enjoy when cooled!

*Chicken mini meatballs or pulled rotisaree chicken can be added.

Take it from a Mom who loves creating, “Kid Approved” meals in a snap!


Looking for a great way to start your New Year?


Then lace up your sneakers and find something you love or have always wanted to do!

Being a parent, working and juggling schedules & activities can stressful, overwhelming and exhausting .  It is important to take time for ourselves and finding something you enjoy makes things more meaningful.

Most facilities offer free trials for classes, so why not try a varity of different things before you lock into one activity!

I am going to make it my goal to step in a new direction this New Year for a healthier me!

Wishing you all a fabulous 2016 full of amazing things!


Making, “Staycations” memorable ones!


With the hustle and bustle of work, school, acitivities, social events and the holidays, there is nothing better then a, “Staycation”!

Spending quality time at home with your family is priceless, as well as so memorable!

Wheather playing a classic board game, going through old family movies, leaving reality for a few days is so important!

Our children grow up right before our eyes, and taking the time to be together and share experiences is one that will be treasured!

Some fun ideas are…

*Watch family movies or look at old family photos

*Make a meal together

*Take a painting/pottery class

*Play a boardgame

*Do a science experiment

*Read a book together

*Make a treasure hunt around your house with a list

*Explore your town

*Learn something new

*Play charades

*Do a craft

*Write a, “Things that you dont know about me” essay, or 10 questions for family memebers to learn more about them

*Take a nature walk and take photos

*Have other families over for a Pot luck, movie or game night

*Make a Staycation photo album

The list is endless of what you can do, & I promise you that your family will forget about technology for a few days, & remember your TIME forever!

Take it from a Mom who enjoys every moment of our Staycations every year and you will too!