Looking for more fab mobile device or electronic decorative accessories?


Then head to idecoz.com!

This company does it yet again!

From mirrors, to micro fiber reusable screen cleaner stickers, home button stickers, screen charms and so much more. Their larger stickers can be used on computers, lockers and walls, which will not damage surfaces I am told.

iDecoz products are reusable, and a great way to personalize electronics and have so many other uses.

Love them for party favors, or to give as gifts. ~Adore this company!

Take it from a Mom Who loves her rhinestone square mirror and bling for my iPhone, thanks iDecoz.

Looking for a healthier alternative to prepackaged cookie mix?


Then head to www.scratchandgrain.com!

I stumbled upon this amazing company at Sur la Table in NYC, and went right to their website to order more!

Scratch & Grain was founded by two mothers who were searching for healthier versions of traditional cookies. They created mixes that are pre measured in packets of Organic ingredients, and all there is to add are eggs and butter! ~LOVE this!

They have a variety of mixes like Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin, and 3 Gluten-Free mixes of Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter and Snicker Doodle.

Whether you are a working or stay at home parent, Scratch & Grain has made baking cookies easier in a healthier way!

Take it from a Mom who loves the entire collection, and your kids will too!

Want to know my fave cooking magazine, website & cable station which inspire my skills?


Then pick up The Food Network Magazine, or head to www.foodnetwork.com, or on cable, The Food Network Chanel!

Cooking has always been a passion of mine since I was a child, and still is today.

The Food Network website is my go to website for recipes & entertaining in all cuisines, for my family & friends.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a private tour of The Food Network in New York City, which was a dream come true!

From visiting each department, to the set of Chopped, to the test kitchens for both the shows and magazines I was in heaven!

It was amazing to see how each recipe is tested by a staff of many, and that such hard work & creativity into it.

I hope to someday be a guest and cook alongside the best of the best, lol!

Take it from a Mom who loves The Food Network, thanks everyone for a fab day! Happy Cooking!

Does your stroller or carseat need a trip to the spa?


Then head to www.strollerspa.com or call 855-787-6557 to make an appointment!

In one word, “Wow!” Stroller Spa is a fab service that does it all!

From spot cleaning, to total detailing, tire and parts repair or replacement, upholstery deep cleaning, & so many other services, you will amazed!

I have seen first hand the magic of Stroller Spa, for I was about to get rid of my stroller for our second child, & they transformed it! With a deep clean and some TLC, my Bugaboo was to its original state!

Check out their fab services like door to door or curbside pickup & delivery services, & rentals! ~LOVE this!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows great things! Thanks Stroller Spa for your fab services!

Want to know two scary statistics about abuse?


Then go to www.itstimetotalkday.org!

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by The Moms, sponsored by Mary Kay & Verizon Wireless.

Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Getsten did had a fabulous Q & A session with a panel, and opened questions to the public.

US Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber, her mother and actor Morris Chestnut were on the panel discussing their personal views about standing up to abuse. There was a parent discussing how she lost her daughter to abuse, as well as a teen who told us her heartfelt story which started by texting via text and the problems escalated.

Representatives from Verizon Wireless and Mary Kay both discussed their free services for these issues which could be found on their websites.

1 out of 3 teens have either been abused verbally, sexually or physically, & 3 out of 4 parents have never had a conversation about this topic!

Those two statistics were startling to me, which I felt the need to spread the word, & you can too!

We as parents need to start earlier than middle school or high school with these conversations!

As early as age five, you can begin to discuss hitting, good touching and bad touching with your child. Having your pediatrician yearly at well visits discuss what you feel comfortable about your child learning, is an easy way to handle start the conversation.

I also brought up the fact that on playdates or on the playground, is a great opportunity for parents to step in. For extreme teasing, roughhousing or when a child says, “Stop!” or “No!”, we need to discuss what this means, and for them to RESPECT these boundaries!

It is imperative that we model and talk to our children about these issues when you have a, “teachable moment”. Whether it be watching a movie or a tv show, reading a book or stepping in when they are playing with friends. Children need to understand what is okay and what is not, so start today!

For more information go to:


Text “loveis” 22522 or call 866-331-9474 for 24/7 peer counselors that will talk to teens anonymously

Contact them for a free compact for your daughter with help information hidden inside in each one.


Take it from a Mom Who wants to help end abuse, so spread the word with me!


Want to save a life?


Then take the pledge with me at, www.itcanwait.com for it can save lives!

Yesterday on the news, I listened to a mother’s anguish of losing her eight month old baby to someone texting, & crashing into her stroller!

It bothered me all day, & her words made me reflect & decide to take the pledge of not texting while driving.

Whether it be at a traffic light, or stop sign, it is the law, that no one driving a motor vehicle is allowed to operate a handheld device!

If something is so important, pull over to text, or read, because it can take just that, to get into an accident!

Take it from a Mom Who is keeping her phone in her pocketbook while driving, & so should you!

Want a temporary alternative to piercing your child’s ears?


Then head to www.poppydrops.com, for an amazing selection of temporary tattoo earrings!

I love discovering fun items for children, & found these for a friend of mine whose daughter wanted her ears pierced.

Poppy Drop earrings are made with vegetable dyes, that are kid-safe, fun, easy to apply with an applicator, & buy you time to piercing your child’s ears!

They have a fab variety of styles to choose from, as well as sell nail & temporary tattoos for boys!

Also these earrings can be used on dolls, which can entice your child to using a temporary fix.

I love their motto, “No Piercing. No Pain. Just fun!”

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES squashing kids battles in a peaceful way!

Want an amazing selection of fab sun & reading glasses for your children?


Then check out ZooBug glasses!

In one word, “Wow”! From kids glasses, to sunglasses, this website has the hippest styles I have ever seen!

From age, to nose fit, to materials, eye size, color preference, & UV/Polarized protection, this company has thought of it all!

Developed by eye surgeon, Dr. Julie Diem Le, she wanted to create a high quality product for children up to twelve years old, & she truly has!

Her line is sold worldwide, has won countless awards, & is truly an amazing product! ~LOVE them all!

A few fab features are detachable headbands for babies, unique designs for all ages, & most importantly your child will love them!

Children deserve great eyewear too, & what better way to get glasses that fit them properly, versus store bought brands.

Each pair come with care instructions, a cleaning cloth, & a zippered protected case, which is easy for kids to maneuver.

For more information go to www.zoobug.com!

Take it from a Mom Whose daughter loves her fab ZooBug, pink Daisy Sunglasses!

Want a fun website full of whimsical items for all?


Then head to www.awesomeinventions.com!

From kids products, to housewares & outdoor items, this website has fun gifts for the entire family.

My faves are the puzzle cookie cutters, the crayon stylus for the IPad, flashlights for sneakers, airplane fork, monster nightlight, & the cereal/snack canister, just to name a few.

Have fun searching for fun & unique products!

Take it from a Mom Who is ordering the Aqua Pingpong table for the pool!

Want to shop for the hottest trends like a fashionista?


Then head to the Piperlime shop in Soho, NYC, or shop online @ www.piperlime.com!

Omg! From off the runway fashion, to swimwear, shoes, dresses, looks under $100, & accessories, Piperlime has it all!

What I LOVE, is that the store is separated in sections, so shopping is made easy!!!

There is nothing better then finding what you are looking for in a short amount of time, as well as looks that won’t break the bank!

Piperlime has created both an in store & online experience in which you will adore!

Free shipping & returns which is a plus too!

121 Wooster Street NYC 10012

Happy shopping!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES their pleather tees, & peplum tanks!