Want to save your child’s artwork minus the guilt of saving everything?


Then check out www.artkiveapp.com!

There is nothing better that saving your child’s masterpieces, but they can add up over the years…

This app is amazing, for you can share it with family & friends, & make a book or items of their art too! ~LOVE this!

I have a portfolio for each of my children which is packed, & now we can make a book yearly of their work!

Check out their site which has been featured on the TODAY Show, as well as many others.

Enjoy recycling, & Happy Earth Day!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows a thing or two about downsizing! ūüėČ

Want to learn how to knit, or just get the most amazing selections of yarn?


Then either head to Chelsea Yarns in Colts Neck, New Jersey, or shop online @ www.chelseayarns.com!

What a shop! From yarn, to patterns, buttons & needles, Chelsea Yarns has it all!

Proprietor, Christina Lundborg, had a dream of opening a store, which she has made a reality!

Her shop which opens March 1st, features the largest range in yarn from a low price point, to Couture!

Chelsea Yarns will offer classes both private & groups, including, “Mommy & Me” classes to come, group events, along with a summer seminar for kids!

It is located right next door to Delicious Orchards farm & gourmet market, which is a MUST to stop in!

Chelsea Yarns
340 State Rt 34 South
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07702

Happy knitting!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows her yarn!

Want to make food shopping a bit easier?

Some local supermarkets have great delivery services that can be a blessing in disguise!

My local Stop & Shop, & the A & P have delivery services which can be a help, especially

when you or your child is sick, you’re working late, or just can’t get out!

Stop & Shop has Peapod, go to ther site, www.peapod.com to view this service and mention $10 off your first order!

A & P has a service too, go to www.apfreshonline.com to view their delivery information.

The site I like best is, www.mywebgrocer.com to see a list of your local grocers who will deliver right to your door! ūüôā

Some supermarkets have FREE aps for your phone to make shopping even easier, so check it out! Love this!

Happy shopping; and take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Do you have game pieces or accessories for your children’s toys that are missing or broken, Hasbro has the answer!

As a mother of two, I have either had Play-Doh dry out, or a lost piece not turn up for a game, which can be frustrating.

Well the toy company, Hasbro, has a parts & refills section on their website I found, which I just love!!!

What is great about this website, is that this company features games & toys from infant to adult! ¬†They are the creators of most of the, “classic games” from our childhood, and continue to make great products that children love!

Go to www.hasbrotoyshop to view all of their products, and let the games begin again, lol!

Enjoy; take it from a Mom Who Knows!

Best website to shop for baby-children’s everyday items!

If you haven’t ever been to Diapers.com website, then take a peek! ¬†I still use it to purchase toiletries, snacks, and gifts too!

They ship free for orders $50 and over, they take coupons, and have expanded their site which is wonderful!  By the time you go to Babies R Us or Target with 1 or more children it can get crazy, so this way it is stress free shopping, lol!

Go to www.diapers.com to simplify your life!



Where to find great prices on arts & craft supplies…

Now that winter is around for a few more weeks, and it is too cold to go out to play, doing arts & crafts is the way to go!

While in a mommy & me art class, my daughters teacher introduced me to Discountschoolsupply.com.  Is a great website that had unbelievable prices on arts and craft supplies, so check it out!  They have such different and unique items like foam watercolor paint, crayon flowers, manipulatives, dramatic play, furniture, etc.



Where can I find great deals for kids clothing, places to go, etc.? Well, here’s the scoop…

For those of you who know me, I LOVE to share great ideas, and pass along great things too!  Check out these amazing sites for daily deals of the day, and great discounts on restaurants, services, etc.!

Gaggleofchicks.com features daily alerts of sales.

Suburbanmomma.com features coupons for restaurants or activities.

Groupon.com features sales from your area, for just about everything!

Zulily.com tips on where sample sales are for kids and moms too!

8moms.com features sales that are available for a short about of time.

Guiltgroup.com features high-end clothing, home accessories, etc. at a great price, also for a short amount of time.

Juicyinthecity.com features daily offers.

Gonjcoupons.com features printable coupons for the New Jersey area.

Livingsocial.com features a 24 hour time limit and great deals on services.

Dailydeal.com features discounts in the New Jersey area.

Rulala.com features clothing for the entire family also at great prices, for a short amount of time.

Doodledeals.com features deal of the day coupons from local businesses.



What do you do with all your kids artwork???

A funny thing happened over dinner last night, when a few of my girlfriends and I were laughing at what we had in our pocketbooks when the bill came.

I had my usual, “bag of tricks” crayons, snacks, hair bows, action figures, etc… and my friends had their own collections as well, when they asked me, “What do you do with all of you children’s artwork?”

I began to laugh and say how I save what I think will not disintegrate or fall apart over time, but have recently been taking pictures of all of their work and am going to make a book the end of this year on Kodak Gallery. ¬†To be honest, most materials will fall apart over time, and scanning or taking pictures¬†is the best way to preserve their, “masterpieces” I feel.

My son’s school has joined, ¬†“Artsonia“, in which the art teacher scans all of the children’s work to their website, and you can purchase,¬†shirts, mugs, and an abundance of things with one of your childs pieces. ¬†Check out the website and see if the school your child goes to can participate, for it is a great idea. ¬†I believe you could do it as well, as long as you scan the work and set up an account, but I am not sure.

Lastly,  if you are a parent who likes to keep everything, then I would suggest purchasing a professional portfolio case vinyl, or plastic (from Pearl Paint or online), versus the cardboard ones they sell for children.  They have a large zipper to protect all of the pieces, and store them in a cool dry place.

For who knows, you might have the next Picasso¬†on your hands…