Want to get rid of dry lips, hands or skin this winter for your entire family?


Then head to your local market, or shop online for these fab ingredients!

*Choose either Organic Coconut, Olive, or Avocado oil
*1 box of Organic fine sugar & brown sugar
* 1 bottle of essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemon or orange)
*1 box of epsom or coarse sea salt
*12 oz sealable glass containers or mason jars
*Small travel size jars (Found at any beauty supply store)

Natural scrubs are a fab way to get rid of dead skin, as well are safe to use on your children!

Whether it be a dry nose from a cold, chapped lips or dry skin, these natural scrubs do the trick!

Lip Scrub:
1.) In a small bowl combine 2 tsp. of brown or fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1 tbs. oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 1 drop of essential oils to flavor (lemon or peppermint), or none.
4.) Gently mix then add to small travel jars that are airtight.

Lip scrubs can be done over the sink or in the shower. Simply take a small dollop & smooth over lips in a circular motion. Rinse, pat lips dry, then top with lip balm to lock in the moisture!

My children love this, & it is safe to eat if ingested! It makes moisturizing easier minus the fight!

Face Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 1 cup of fine sugar.
2.) Next add 1/2 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 3 drops of essential oils mix, & store in an airtight jar.

Using a fine sugar is less abrasive then coarse sugar when using on the face.

Body Scrub:
1.) In a mixing bowl add 2 cups of salt (epsom or sea salt).
2.) Next add 1 cup of the oil of your choice.
3.) Then add 5 drops of essential oils to the mixture, & fold.
4.) Place in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks!

*When using these scrubs take a small amount with a spoon, & rub in a circular motion. Rinse, then after drying your skin, apply either coconut oil, or any lotion to lock in the moisture.

I DO NOT recommend salt scrubs for children due to possible irritation! Therefore you can make a body scrub for them using brown sugar in place of the salt.

If this is not your thing to make, then check out one if my faves, Sara Happ’s lines of lip & body sugat scrubs, at www.sarahapp.com!

Happy scrubbing!

Take it from a Mom Who loves getting rid of dry skin in a sweet way!

Want a fun winter painting to do with your kids?


Then make a snow painting out of celery!

I love doing arts & crafts with our children, and painting with fruits and veggies is a blast!

In the winter, “Cabin Fever” or, “I’m bored!” are two things that can happen.

By giving your children fun things to do, I can promise you that will NOT happen!

To make snow celery paintings you will need the following:

*White & blue construction paper
*Blue paint
*White, blue or silver glitter
*Liquid glue
*Celery bottom
*Paper plate
*Cookie sheet

1.) Place one sheet of paper onto a cookie sheet. This prevents spills or glitter going onto the floor!

2.) Pour a small amount of blue paint onto the paper plate.

3.) Have your child dip the celery into the paint and stamp onto the paper & repeat.

4.) Afterwards have them sprinkle the glitter onto their paper and gently shake off.

5.) When each painting is dry, then have your child glue them into a blue piece of construction paper.

Hang them up to welcome winter!

Take it from a Mom Who took the, “B” out of bored!

Want my, “Must Have” essentials this winter?


Then check out www.7amenfant.com!

From diaper bags, to fab stroller covers, accessories and more, this company has it all!

7amenfant is my fave for functionality, quality, durability, & products that scream fashionable!

Where diaper bags are not conventional, and could pass for a casual tote. ~LOVE this!

Stroller covers, baby carrier covers, hand warmers for stroller & scooters are hip and stylish too!

Say goodbye to infant snowsuits, for their line puts the W in warmth!

7amenfant features a variety of products for every lifestyle, comes in an abundance of colors, & is a must!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows fab products! Stay warm in style!

Want to start the new year tracking memories?


Then head to Amazon.com for journals for your children!

They have such a great variety of age appropriate selections, from lined books with space above for illustrations, to funky covers for girls & boys.

From as early as age three, journaling is a fab way to track memories of each year. Just have your child draw a picture then have them tell you the entry.

If your child is already writing, then have them write the date and write away! Whether it be about something fun or an accomplishment, tracking these milestones are priceless!

Don’t worry about correct spelling, punctuation or grammar, a journal should be used as a tool for expression. Let your child decide if they would like to write in daily or weekly, minus the battles.

Teaching your children these skills are a wonderful way to foster memory, writing, reading and more importantly, having a lifelong tool!

Take it from a Mom Who is starting her journals with her kids tomorrow!

Want to do something fun with the family this winter?


Then take a road trip & go skiing for a weekend or week!

Skiing is a fab sport for the entire family, & is a must to do!

From early as three years old, your little one can learn to ski in ski school which is the best choice.

Each child is assessed and placed in the appropriate class, then moves up when they master the basics.

In just three days of ski school your child will be up and skiing in no time! A full day program is the way to go for two to three days, then its family ski time!

Fyi book early so you can days in advance, especially on holiday weekends.

Some resorts have fab packages for weekends or for a week vacation, so check it out in your area.

Take it from a Mom Who is hitting the slopes today!

Want a great way for your little one to get comfortable iceskating?


Then grab a folding chair, & take it to the rink!

Today we were at an iceskating party, & the instructors brought out folding chairs for the children, & parents who didn’t know how to skate.

Some facilities have walker-looking-like tools for children to feel comfortable on the ice. This can prevent some spills, fear of falling, as well as help your child have great form.

Also they had a push sled for disabled children which was awesome! (Call your local rink to see what tools they have for your children before you go.)

I actually tried pushing the chair, & taught a few parents how to skate for the first time, while skating with my daughter.

Another fun thing to do if your child wants to take a break, have them sit in the chair while you give them a ride around the rink. I know how to ice skate, & enjoyed pushing the chair around the rink, after my daughter felt comfortable skating solo.

Enjoy another great Winter fun tip!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES making things easier!

Want a few fun winter ideas for the kids in the snow?


Then get a few shovels, snowman kit, snow disks, & hot coco!

I have tried many sleds, but the BEST still to me are the old school, snow disks!

They are durable, come in many colors, & gain the most speed I think.

Yesterday sleigh ridding with the kids & friends, one inflatable sled popped, and another cracked, yet the snow discs remained intact!

Another fun activity is to make snowmen & snow women, lol. It’s fun to be creative, & use what you have at home (glasses, scarf, gloves, carrot, charcoal, & spaghetti for hair).
Restoration Hardware has a great kit too! (It comes with a hat, scarf, plastic carrot, eyes, mouth and buttons.)

My favorite pastime is building a snow fort or tunnel! (A parent should always be around if it collapses, for safety reasons.)

All you need are shovels, & you could also use a trowel (used for gardening), & a plastic brick maker (found at Target).

Next let the imagination flow, & take many pictures, for these memories are priceless!

Enjoy a cup of hot coco, & have fun, we are!

Take it from a Mom Who LOVES to have fun in the snow!

Want to have a fun way to have hot coco on a snowy day?


Then get the items below, & take it outside!

I LOVE to do fun things for my children & their friends, and this was a hit today!

You will need a coffee carafe or large thermos filled with milk & Ovalteen, marshmallows, whipped cream, cups, & prepackages snacks, hand wipes & tissues.

I put the thermos, whipped cream & ziplock (tissues, marshmallows, cups, & hand wipes) in the snow, so the kids can self serve themselves.

I thought of this because kids have so much fun outside, & rather take a break outdoors!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows how to have FUN in the snow!

Want cool snow items for winter?

Then go to www.spoonerboards.com, & Target!

I was in a toy store in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania called, “Toys On The Square” & found another great product!

Spooner boards have indoors and outdoor boards, than can be used on rugs, grass, sand & snow!

Check out their site, for it looks like a great holiday gift!

Also while in Target I found adorable snow disks, accessories, & snow painting kits, which will be a hot item this winter I predict!

Check them out, & please give what you can to victims that were affected by Hurricane Sandy!

Take it from a Mom Who Knows!